At DV, we believe in having a team of talented lawyers who share the same passion as us in striving towards legal excellence. We appreciate hard work and diligence and welcome individuals who can provide realistic and effective legal solutions to issues faced by our clients.


All lawyers and staff at our Firm are motivated to incorporate qualities of excellence in their everyday work. We have a fair hiring policy which is determined after a few rounds of technical and HR interviews. We believe in supporting our lawyers in pursuing areas of practice that they wish to work in and also train them in creating and developing an entrepreneurial mind-set by giving them opportunities of direct client interaction. A competency based evaluation and performance driven career progression path ensures that all our resources are given opportunities to grow professionally. In line with our policy of continuous professional development of our resources, we also encourage them to take Solicitors' Examination and accommodate the leaves required for the same.

All lawyers interested in joining our Firm are requested to apply to us by e-mailing their profiles to us at


We take law students on board to intern with us and encourage them to think beyond text-books. We provide the interns opportunities to do hands-on work, enabling them to develop a pragmatic approach to practical aspects. Our internship programme aims to train law students in diverse areas of practice through regular research, drafting and other written assignments. Interns also get the opportunity to accompany the lawyers to courts and client meetings related to cases they are assigned.

We regularly conduct Knowledge Sharing & Brainstorming sessions, internally, providing a robust platform for keen learners to hone their legal acumen.

Law Students interested in pursuing internship with us are requested to send their profiles to us at